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Clinical Supervision

Clinical MFT Supervision

According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), clinical MFT supervision is the process of evaluating, training, and providing oversight to trainees using relational or systemic approaches for the purpose of helping them attain systemic clinical skills. Supervision is provided to MFT or MFT trainee through technology-assisted means allowed through the AAMFT Approved Supervision Designation: Standards Handbook.

As an AAMFT trained clinical supervisor, my goal is to set the professional precedents of systemic therapy while nurturing a collaborative learning environment for MFT trainees.

Upon agreement to begin the supervisor/trainee relationship, the trainee will be provided the AAMFT code of ethics, an outline of systemic theories, a supervision contract, and a discount toward the MFT Exam Prep Class provided by Kenosis Counseling, PLLC.

Clinical Addictions Counseling Supervision

According NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, the supervisory relationship is the foundation that supports the entire process of clinical supervision. There are many parallels between supervision and counseling and, as such, the supervisor can become a model to the supervisee in developing strong clinical relationships. Numerous studies support this by pointing to the quality of the supervisory relationship as a consistent predictor of therapeutic outcomes. The purpose of this presentation is to provide instruction on how the supervisory alliance impacts the therapeutic alliance. Participants will learn how to view the supervisory relationship as a multi-person system to provider empowerment and growth for their supervisees.

As a Licensed Addictions Counselor, I am given the opportunity to provide clinical supervision for individuals working toward their professional addiction counseling certifications and licensing.

Upon agreement to begin the supervisor/trainee relationship, the trainee will be provided the DORA and NAADAC code of ethics, an outline of the requirements needed for various stages of addiction counseling, and a supervision contract.