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About Bria Tavakoli

About Bria Tavakoli

Practicing Clinician Intern

I’m here to meet you where you are and help you create a life you love and cherish. My goal is to provide a welcoming, judgment-free, and brave space to explore your unique challenges. I work with individuals and couples and all relational structures, including polyamorous and LGBTQIA+ dynamics. I’m deeply passionate about my areas of specialization–sex therapy and guiding clients through psychedelic preparation and/or integration work. Through attachment work, Internal Family Systems, and DBT, I support clients in building better relationships with themselves and others. I can guide you as you improve your communication skills, navigate your desire differences, process trauma, and shift insecure attachment patterns into more secure, grounded, and satisfying ways of relating. As a yoga and meditation instructor with 15+ years of teaching experience, I can fluidly weave mindfulness and embodied awareness into sessions. As the proud daughter of an immigrant and a purity culture dropout, I hold an understanding, compassionate space for those with similar experiences."

I am completing my master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Adams State University while concurrently engaging in training in sex therapy through the Sexual Health Alliance. My psychedelic training includes studies through Psychedelics Today and attending the Psychedelic Science conference in Denver in 2023.


Pronouns: she/her/hers